Chaplain Resources

Resources for COVID-19. . . so check back frequently!


Chaplain/Spiritual Leader Support Group

Monday Evenings at 7 PM Eastern time

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 Decision tree for risk assessment tool

for Religious Leaders and Faith-based

Communities in the context of COVID-19

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Various Phases of Disaster Models

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Catholic Health Association

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Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth

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Humanitarian Disaster Institute

Wheaton College

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COVID-19 Spiritual First Aid

Tip-Sheet PDF HERE  

Public Health Planning Guide for Faith Communities

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Association of Professional Chaplains

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Facebook Group  HERE


Sacred Hands-Free Greetings

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CDC's Community & Faith-Based Organizations

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Chaplaincy Innovation Lab

Shares Resources for Chaplains Encountering Coronavirus

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Harvard Divinity School

Spiritual Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Grief During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Considerations for Palliative Care Providers

Website  HERE     PDF HERE


Grief and COVID-19:

Saying goodbye in the age of physical distancing

Website  HERE     PDF HERE


Managing Bereavement Around the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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How to Cope with Bereavement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grief

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Re-learning Ways to Grieve

On top of everything else, the novel coronavirus has interrupted our traditions of mourning

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Coping with Grief DUring COVID-19

Saying Goodbye to Loved Ones

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A Chaplain & Medical Anthropologist Explain How You Can Spiritually Sustain Healthcare Workers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Website HERE       PDF HERE


'Mourning In Isolation': Chaplain Tries To Comfort Families Of COVID-19 Patients

Website HERE      PDF HERE


Hospital Chaplains Try to Keep the Faith During COVID-19

Website HERE       PDF HERE


Building Spiritual Readiness in the Time of COVID-19

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More Resources to Come!