Suicidal Death Survivors Emergency Response Team 


A group of specially trained community professionals along with family and friends who have previously experienced the suicidal death of a loved one responds on-site to assist in the immediate aftermath of a current death by suicide in TN, GA, AL, and NC.


This team is in development.

If you would like to be a part of this new crisis response service, review the following preliminary documents and contact us.

- Team Invitation   HERE

- Development Team Meeting Reminder Meme  HERE

- Project Overview DRAFT  HERE

Reference Articles  HERE

For more information about immediate service or team information,

Contact: [email protected] or (423)322-3297

PAR Critical Incident Stress Management Collective

PAR CISM Collective

A multidisciplinary group of community peers specially trained in Critical Incident Stress Management to respond to various traumatic events within TN, GA, AL, and NC; Southeast; the USA or World Wide.

Special Teams to address:

-Survivors of Suicidal Death


-Veterans & Their Families

-Media Personalities, Reporters, Journalists, Videographers


-Public Information Officers

This team follows ICISF guidelines and may utilize other models to augment services as required by each event.

For more information about immediate service or team information,

Contact: [email protected] or (423)322-3297

Magic Relief

Magic is entertainment and diversion, but also a source of hope and resilience.  Magicians can be requested to respond to any crisis event to provide the magic of hope and untapped potential.

Whether In-Person or Virtual, Magicians can appear and provide relief from the horrors of crisis and disasters even if for a few minutes.

For more information about immediate service or team information,

Contact: [email protected] or (423)322-3297

Dr. John D. Martin Memorial Spiritual Crisis Educational Institute

Spiritual leaders can be a stabilizing and motivating presence during a crisis. To support these spiritual leaders, we provide educational experiences in providing "trauma-informed spiritual care".

Providing didactic presentations during Clinical Pastoral Education, specialty seminars, and training.

To purchase Dr. Martin's book: Streams of Tears, The Heartache of Divorce   HERE

For more information about immediate service or team information,

Contact: [email protected] or (423)322-3297

Zero COVID: Chattanooga

As a local affiliate of Zero COVID, Zero COVID: Chattanooga works to bring local awareness to the effectiveness of science and technology by advocating for the main principles of Zero COVID US  HERE.

ZeroCovid is a project of the New England Complex Systems Institute  HERE

For more information, visit our website HERE

Crisis Academy

A psychological crisis can be overwhelming for those experiencing the event.

The Crisis Academy offers a wide variety of educational experiences for any population local or international.

We have credentialed instructors available to teach:

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)Courses

Group CISM

Assisting Individuals in Crisis

Advanced Group Crisis

Advanced Assisting Individuals in Crisis

Building Skills in CISM

Stress Management

Workplace CISM

Responding to School Crisis

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention

Suicide Awareness

Grief Following Trauma

Pastoral I CISM

Team Evolution & Management (TEAM)

From Trauma to Addictions

Strategic Response to Crisis

Emotional & Spiritual Care in Disasters

Terrorism: Psychological  Impact and Implications

Changing Face of Disaster Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Acute Traumatic Stress Management (ATSM) Courses

Comprehensive ATSM

School ATSM

University ATSM

Traumatology Courses


ACEs Awareness

Adverse Childhood Experiences  HERE


PREPaRE: School Crisis Curriculum

From the National Association of School Psychologists: HERE

I:  Comprehensive School Safety Planning: Prevention Through Recovery

II:  Mental Health Crisis Interventions: Responding to an Acute Traumatic Stressor in Schools

Resiliency Sciences Institutes

Resilient Crisis Leadership

Resilient Crisis Communications

Resiliency: Psychological Body Armor

Media SKills for Elected Officials

Disaster & Crisis Media Relations

For more information, Contact Sam D. Bernard, Ph.D. HERE

Suicide Attempters (SA)

A support group for suicide attempt survivors by suicide attempt survivors

Learn More

Suicide Attempt Survivor Support (SASS)

A support group for family and friends of someone who has attempted suicide

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Trauma Survivor

A support group for survivors of trauma

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Trauma Survivor

Family & Friends

A support group for family and friends of a trauma survivor

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